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Part of what I like about visual art is that we can all be looking at the same thing but not necessarily be seeing the same thing. And we’re probably almost never thinking the same thing. Ever wonder what others think when looking at these images? It’s always a thrill to hear how you see, sense or respond.


about art by Alison Shull

Wow! Nice Show. It was like an impressionist snuck in the studio and painted the outlines of a surrealist’s pieces!

Incredible – it’s as if I’m seeing a musical composition of a unique, rich arrangement of major and minor chord combinations.

River Rising

I see a Buddhist temple in there, off in the distance…I want to sit and meditate in front of this.

Frost in the Air

Bold bright cheerful colors – goes great with my couch and exactly the size I was looking for!

I hung your print on the wall beside my kitchen table. The vibrant greens compliment the wall color and I love looking at it while I’m cooking. I still can’t believe it’s a print rather than the actual painting – amazing reproduction quality of the colors and textures.


Spinning Promises

I see baby dinosaurs.
I see birds.
I see flowers and a roller coaster.
    (-comments by three different people about the same painting)

Hmm, did this get you thinking and into the compose a quote mode?  Maybe you’ve thought of a title for a piece that fits better for you than the one I’ve used?  Maybe you prefer looking at the piece upside down? Sideways? Go ahead, write in your thoughts in the comments box here:


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