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A few words about artist Alison Shull

Portrait of artist Alison Shullpainting the imaginary
translating invisible into visible
photographing what is real
inviting imagination

More than a few words:

Artist Bio: Alison Shull
Artist Alison Shull’s creative process centers on translating intangible abstractions to real, visual images. With a Ph.D. in Applied Physics and work in nanotechnology she developed an affinity for the intangible but real. Living in an assortment of Western and Eastern cultures brought her an appreciation for the art of translation. All the while she admired art from afar, never considering the artistic process could be accessible to her.  Until one fateful day a discarded easel offered her a ticket to artistic adventure and she took off on a transformational journey.
Creating intuitively via focus and feeling, Shull paints the colors, shapes, textures and scenes floating in her mind’s eye. Her aim she says is to “translate the invisible to visible, and then leave the interpretation to you, the viewer.” The titles of her works are often word puns. Her paintings and digital collages of original painted surfaces are described as vibrant, tranquil, healing and uplifting.
Shull finds making and viewing photographs to be an entry point into her own imagination. While she appreciates the technical aspects of digital image processing, she sometimes deliberately chooses to use little to no processing.  In those times she aims to stay pure to each moment when an object or scene catches her eye and she stops to frame the image. Her photographs capture the contrasts and complements of the real world, both natural and man-made. She photographs what is real to invite imagination.
Sometimes after completing a painting or set of paintings or photographs she sees more images evolving from portions of the pieces. Using digital painting and collage techniques she make those images visible for you too.

Welcome to my artist’s blog where I sprinkle little bits of random, informal pieces about myself and my art, shed light on my sources of inspiration from the art world and beyond, and bring you up to date on where I am now. It’s always a thrill to hear how others see, sense or respond to my art. Go ahead, submit your comments. Be as creative as you like – your quote may get selected for a “Favorite Quotes” post!

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Shopping for art in person? Check out the special events & exhibits announced here. In Ithaca, NY USA: Open seven days a week, Contemporary Trends on 121 N. Aurora St. displays and sells limited edition prints of a selection of my paintings.

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