Effervescence of Hope

Introducing “Effervescence of Hope“, a commissioned painting I had the honor of creating for a common area of a residential building on the Cornell University campus. It is big and will be installed in a big space flooded with natural light, high up on a wall, where it will hang overlooking bonds of friendship…and lots of bubbles.

Effervescence of Hope - painting by Alison Shull

1. liveliness, enthusiasm, excitement, vitality, animation, exuberance, high spirits, buoyancy, exhilaration, gaiety, brio, zing (informal), vivacity, ebullience, vim (slang), pizzazz or pizazz (informal).
2. bubbling, sparkle, foam, foaming, fizz, ferment, froth, frothing, fermentation

Alison Shull is an artist who, while a frequent user of the word “hope”, is pretty sure she had never used the word “effervescence” and doesn’t remember the last time she heard it used, until it came to her as the title of this painting.  Since then she’s noticed this word effervescing here and there, including in a catalog description of the colors of a women’s running shoe. Go figure. For the most frequent posts of her images, plus occasional word definitions, follow her Instagram feed https://instagram.com/alisonshullart/ Want your own print of “Effervescence of Hope”? Limited edition fine art prints are available for sale at her on-line gallery: Effervescence of Hope at www.alisonshull.com

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