Alison Shull Series Artwork at Just A Taste

Hey Bud, The Tree - Series Artwork by Alison Shull at Just a Taste

Selections from “Hey Bud, The Tree” series artwork by Alison Shull are hanging at Just a Taste in Ithaca, NY until Nov. 9, 2014. See both series in full at Hey Bud and The Tree.

About the Show

The tree in “The Tree”  series has been growing for many decades at Sunset Park in the Village of Cayuga Heights in the Town of Ithaca. Perched near the edge of a steep slope, the tree overlooks a sweeping view of much of Ithaca and beyond to the South, West and North.  In 1928 when Jane and Jared Newman donated the land for the creation of Sunset Park they made this now 86 year old wish:

“Here may you too find the love of beauty * goodness * truth”

Wishes like Jane and Jared’s lead me along creative paths.  Last Fall, after completing a painting of an imagined bud, I was looking over photographs of the tree at Sunset Park that I had taken over several years. I began to see more images evolving and created these two series iteratively and in parallel by applying digital painting and collaging techniques to images of the painting and the original photographs. For me, these series reflect the dynamic nature of life. Combined here in the show, they serve as a tribute to the pursuit of Jane and Jared’s wish in the midst of change, both real and imagined.

How to Purchase

These pieces are for sale as limited edition prints with prices ranging from $29 – $89 at my on-line gallery  Need help choosing frames? Send inquiries to for custom framing sizes and pricing. For bud lovers, blank greeting cards in a bouquet of colors: Hey Bud greeting cards for sale here.

Now, Let the Show Begin

Series: The Tree - Let The Show Begin - by Alison Shull
Series: The Tree – Let The Show Begin ©2014 Alison Shull

From now until Nov. 9, 2014 I hope you’ll get a chance to enjoy a visual taste of “Hey Bud, The Tree” along with the delicious tapas and drinks at Just A Taste.


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