Winter’s Grasp

Introducing “Winter’s Grasp”

Winter's Grasp - painting by Alison Shull

the most recent addition to my on-line gallery

I’m posting this today as a bid adieu to the long, cold, dark, at times painful and at other times beautiful winter of 2013-2014. I first began this painting almost two years ago, but then stalled. I parked it until last month when I finally got a grasp on what it was to become, thanks in large part to the tenor of this past winter in Ithaca NY.

So what’s up with the title “Winter’s Grasp”? Just as the word “winter” has a range of associations, the word “grasp” has multiple meanings.  “Winter’s Grasp” – a short title, but with meaning as deep, complex and multi-faceted as you’d like to interpret it.

Definitions of grasp
as a verb
– Seize and hold firmly
– (grasp at) Try to seize hold of
– Get mental hold of; comprehend fully
– Act decisively to the advantage of (something)
as a noun
– A firm hold or grip
– A person’s power or capacity to attain something
– A person’s understanding

I especially like how “grasp” works with both the tangible and the intangible – we can grasp objects and we can grasp ideas. Can we paint what we can grasp? Can you grasp what I paint?

April has arrived and here in Ithaca we are still waiting for the end of this winter. For the last gasp of this winter’s grasp I’ll sign off with a few photos I took one snowy day this February from outside and inside Cornell University’s Johnson Art Museum:

Walking across the suspension bridge, the museum is up ahead:

Ithaca Winter 2014 - Cornell Suspension Bridge, Photograph by Alison Shull

Looking west from the suspension bridge:

Winter 2014 Ithaca NY - view to the westfrom Cornell suspension bridge

From inside the museum looking south:

Winter 2014 in Ithaca NY - view from Cornell University Museum of Art - photograph by Alison Shull

From inside the museum looking east:

Winter 2014 in Ithaca NY - view east from inside Cornell Art Museum

From inside the museum looking west:

Winter 2014 Ithaca NY - View West from inside Cornell Art Museum - photograph by Alison Shull

Alison Shull is an artist living and painting in Ithaca, New York…where the robins have returned…Spring can’t be too far off… For more of her artwork visit For more frequent posts of photos & short videos visit her Instagram feed:

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