Watching Snow Melt

I’ve been out watching snow melt…(almost as exciting as watching paint dry?)

March Puddle Ithaca NY - photography by Alison Shull

Video: Ithaca Falls on a sunny day in March

The #flow is on…today. #Ithacafalls

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Video: Taughannock Falls on a not so sunny day in March

Video: No big crowds at Taughannock Park in March.  Just one busy bird who’s got what every wood sculptor needs…a built-in chisel + lunch. (Yup that’s one hungry pileated woodpecker.)

Today the aconites are back to being covered in snow, but two days ago Spring was sprouting (trying).

Aconites in March in Ithaca NY - photograph by Alison Shull

Even the ice on Cayuga Lake is starting to melt, slowly.

March 2014 Cayuga Lake Ithaca New York - photograph by Alison Shull


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