Artshow: Circles Swirls Pixels Curls

Alison Shull Artshow: Circles Swirls Pixels Curls

Thursday Jan. 23, 2014 5-8pm
Light refreshments
you’re invited! (and so are all your friends who stayed home on Jan. 3 when the polar vortext brought -11F weather to gallery night!)

Visit today or any day until the end of January in the Mezzanine Gallery at Benjamin Peters Mon.-Sat. 10am-6pm, Thurs. 10am-8pm on The Commons in downtown Ithaca NY…and/or come to the gallery night reception this Friday Jan. 3, 2014 from 5-8pm.  (You’ll want to be inside somewhere…the current temperature range in the forecast for Friday is 14F – -9F…brrrr.) More show promo to share with all your friends here and map with listings of all the gallery night receptions in downtown Ithaca on Fri. Jan. 3, 2014 here.

About the Show

Circles Swirls Pixels Curls
Limited edition fine art prints of paintings by Alison Shull

Step in from the cold and take a swirl with a “Universe on a Picnic” along with “Eye Find Balance” (a portrait focused on a single curl), “See Life” (constructed entirely from concentric circles serving as large scale pixels), the award-winning bright light of “Many Moons” and more abstract landscapes, seascapes and escapes filled with artful motion in vibrant colors. Prints & cards for sale on Gallery Night and at

Call: 273-1371 Visit:

via First Friday Gallery Night | A monthly walkable tour of downtown Ithaca galleries and art houses.

detail of Eye Find Balance - a painting by Alison ShullThese abstract paintings are my translations from the invisible to visible of the textures, colors, shapes, sounds and scenes that I’ve glimpsed floating in my mind’s eye.  Created over the past 3 years, these images appeared to me in varying degrees of motion and complexity – from the almost imperceptible (metastable) motion of the simple shape enclosing a single curl in “Eye Find Balance” (2011) to the swift, dancing, swirls and circular pixelated spirals of “Universe on a Picnic” (2013).detail of Universe on a Picnic - with Costume On, a painting by Alison Shull

My memories of painting these include a lot of twirling wrist action, rotating arm swings, “dirty” brushes dabbed in partially mixed acrylic paints, and varying flow rates of creativity.  Counterintuitively, I was able to create the more static, stable images swiftly, while the more dynamic ones each took substantially more time to evolve to their final form. “See Life” is the result of a deliberate attempt to paint only via pixels, where I make each pixel from a single twirled (rotated) brush stroke.

detail of See Life - a painting by Alison Shull

As the show title claims, these images contain circles, swirls, pixels and curls. Why? “Vital Signs” was painted while I was thinking of a friend who was hospitalized – a doctor who had become a patient. Looking and thinking about all of these images now, it seems as though each of the circles, swirls, pixels and curls in a way represents some small blink of our collective and individual emotions…despair, hope, sorrow, joy, grief, love, pain, vitality, and on and on.

Vital Signs original painting by Alison ShullBut all this is analytical, retrospective thinking.  To most fully enjoy these paintings I prefer looking at them in the same vein in which they first appeared to me – just as they are, with no explanation, simply a glimpse of what until then had been invisible.

Alison Shull is an artist who thanks her hanging assistant for everything she does so well – including growing just tall enough.

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