The Show: Hey Bud, The Tree

Hey Bud, The Tree - Series Artwork Show by Alison Shull, Ithaca NY

It’s here…your dose of serenity in the midst of the holiday shopping season. “Hey Bud, The Tree” my new Series Artwork Show is open now through Dec. 24th at the Mezzanine Gallery in Benjamin Peters, 120 E. State St. on the Commons in Ithaca, NY.  Photography, painting and design inspired by an iconic Ithaca tree in dynamic Ithaca weather…and an 85 year old wish. The bud begins as a painting, the tree as a photograph, then natural and artist-made change happens.  Same bud, same tree, different flavors.

The Reception

You’re invited!
1st Friday Gallery Night Reception on Fri. Dec. 6th from 5-8pm
with refreshments by Blue Wave Pastries – yum.
(While you are out, stop by Contemporary Trends to see new limited edition prints on canvas of a few of my new paintings…blogpost on that coming soon…)

The Art for Sale

Limited edition prints of each piece in the show are available for purchase during the reception and any time at my on-line gallery. Prices range from $29 – $89 (ooooo, now you’re thinking “creative and affordable gifts”). Place orders on-line ( or via email ( or regular mail (use these handy forms: HeyBudSeriesOrderForm, TheTreeSeriesOrderForm)). Remember to arrange for local pick-up, or shipping to the lucky recipient(s) of your generosity. And for bud lovers, you can also order blank greeting cards in a bouquet of colors (made from the same original bud pictured below).

More About the Show

This Fall a single bud sprouted from my mind onto canvas (15”h x 12”w) via acrylic paints.Yellow Side, original painting by Alison Shull  (No the photo isn’t messed up, I really did paint the right edge of the bud wrapping around the right edge of the canvas.)

“The Tree” has been growing for many decades at Sunset Park in the Village of Cayuga Heights in the Town of Ithaca. Perched near the edge of a steep slope, the tree overlooks a sweeping view of much of Ithaca and beyond to the South, West and North. In 1928 when Jane and Jared Newman donated the land for the creation of Sunset Park they made this now 85 year old wish:

“Here may you too find the love of
beauty * goodness * truth “

Wishes like Jane and Jared’s lead me along creative paths. After completing the bud painting I was looking over photographs of the tree at Sunset Park that I’d taken over several years. I began to see more images evolving. Using digital painting and collaging techniques, I created these two series iteratively and in parallel. Now you can see more images too.Hey Bud, The Tree - Dec. 2013 Artshow by Alison Shull in Ithaca NY

For me, these images reflect the dynamic nature of life. Combined here in the show they serve as a tribute to the pursuit of Jane and Jared’s wish in the midst of change, both real and imagined.

A few years ago artist Alison Shull wrote a little poem about her art. Are you too astonished at how aptly it now describes this show?

painting the imaginary
translating invisible to visible
photographing what is real
inviting imagination
     -Alison Shull



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