AlisonShullArt: Oct. 2013 Social Media..what, you missed it?

(all you’ve been missing while sanely spending your time not following all those streams of social media)

Sneak Peeks of Art Show Prep

I’m in production mode for my 1st solo photography & digital art show – tentative title “Hey Bud, The Tree”- opens Nov. 25 and will hang through December 24, 2013 in the Mezzanine Gallery of Benjamin Peters on the Ithaca Commons.

"Hey Bud" a digital collage made from an original painting by Alison Shull
“Hey Bud” one of a series of digital collages made from an original painting by Alison Shull
Printing The Tree - photography by Alison Shull
Printing many flavors of “The Tree” – photographs with varying degrees of digital processing – by Alison Shull’

That’s wraps up what you get to peak at for now about the show. More juicy details will be broadcast shortly – including the all important “what refreshments will be available” bribe announcement.  Speaking of food…

Snapshots of my self-entertaining Cutting Board Art

Where my curious mind wanders while making lunch (apparently I stay more focused on investigative work while making breakfast – you haven’t forgotten my daring investigation of the tinting strength of a single blueberry – have you?).

today I caught a Fall Classic soccer match on the cutting board. - Alison Shull Photography
While making lunch today I caught a Fall Classic soccer match on the cutting board.
Ithaca Farmers Market on the Cutting Board - Alison Shull Photography
See – monkey bread is in the Vegetable Family.
Cutting Board Art by Alison Shull
Rothko’s Carrot on the Cutting Board
Pumpkins Uncarved - Alison Shull
And to think before Instagram I used to carve Halloween pumpkins.

And finally, for this post’s finale, (and a teaser for a future post with bits of the beauty of this Autumn in Ithaca), click here:

Far Above Cayuga Lake…brought to you by Alison Shull iphonephotography + “lofi” filter help on an otherwise grey day

Alison Shull is an artist who finds time to make herself lunch, usually.  Browse and buy her artwork at her on-line gallery and follow her visual musings here (click the follow button to enter your email address & receive email notices when she posts) and on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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