Painting Siblings

Universe on a Picnic seems to be related to another recent painting of mine (as a few of you have asutely pointed out).  Check out Universe on a Picnic beside See Life:

Universe on a Picnic next to See Life - prints of paintings by Alison Shull

I painted both with acrylic on canvas 30″w x 40″h. Limited edition prints are on sale now at These two “painting siblings” are shown each printed in size 6.75″w x 9″h on luster paper (on sale now for $39 each) in the snapshot above.

If that isn’t exciting enough, here they are again – this time displayed in color inversion…getting ready for Halloween…

Universe on a Picnic and See Life - original paintings by Alison Shull in color inversion

Alison Shull is an artist who these days likes to be outside making the crunchy sounds of running through autumn leaves. If you prefer to pass on following along on a run though those leaves, simply follow her here on the ArtLightNow blog (and/or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

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