Universe on a Picnic

Didn’t know universes go on picnics?  Sure they do.  Look here…

Universe on a Picnic“, 40″hx30″w, acrylic on canvas, ©2013 Alison Shull now in the Light Laughter Portfolio at on-line gallery www.alisonshull.com

Universe on a Picnic, original painting by Alison Shull ©2013

Spot yourself in there somewhere? If not, well then you must live in a different universe.

Close Ups

Universe on a Picnic - Close Ups of original painting by Alison Shull

Click on the photos above to view larger. Want to get even closer to the paint surface? Click Universe on a Picnic: The Video

Alison Shull is an artist who hopes you’re laughing along with her snapshot of “Universe on a Picnic” on a picnic…table. Maybe you’re imagining she took a daring climb up a tree to capture the shot? Follow this blog for more imaginative sparks & juicy details about her artwork, and check out Instagram: AlisonShullArt for more of her curious random snapshots along with sneak peeks of new artwork.

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