Alison Shull Art at Gallery Night June 2013

Another successful gallery night at Contemporary Trends! Many thanks to all who stopped in along their art stroll through downtown Ithaca. And kudos to generous host, Contemporary Trends, with Marianna once again proving her awesome might as master coordinator of food & art.

A few photos from the festivities around Alison Shull Art on display:

Alison Shull Art at Contemporary Trends Gallery Night June 2013 Alison-Shull-Art-at-Contemporary-Trends-June2013_02 Alison-Shull-Art-at-Contemporary-Trends-June2013_03

All the abstract wall hung images are limited edition gallery wrapped canvas prints of my original paintings.  The smaller, black framed pieces are either signed edition prints on fine art paper of my paintings…or my whimsical flower sculpture photographs.  And…do you notice anything else? Keep reading…all the way to the end…

Here’s the featured pair of Scandinavian mid-century (1960s) modern chairs and ottomans, expertly restored by Wilson Blum Upholstery:


Alison Shull is an artist whose recent foray into hand carved wood sculpture is subtlely apparent in this blogpost. Did ya notice?


  1. Alison art
    very smart
    always just so
    how does she know

    Alison art
    plays a part
    in Ithaca’s culture
    very smart

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