More Imagined Flowers

Outside the tulips are fading into their Spring finale. Inside petals are dropping from vases, and I just can’t resist sculpting a few more imagined flowers…

You’ve probably been wondering what the elusive Crowned Strut Bird Tulip looks like.  Wonder no more:

Crowned Strut Bird Tulip by Alison Shull

They flutter around quickly but with my imagined high speed photography I was able to capture these little Night Gnat Tulips buzzing around on a dark Spring night:

Night Gnat Tulips by Alison Shull

…and in case you missed NASA’s last Rocket Tulip Launch:

Rocket Tulip Launch by Alison Shull

Finally, a glimpse of the exotic Serpent Slayer Tulip at take-off:

Serpent Slayer Tulip by Alison Shull

In case you didn’t notice, these were all created solely from tulip parts (and one tiny blue grape hyacinth flower.)

Subliminal inspiration for some of these creations must have come to me from a book I was looking through a few weeks ago:  For the Love of Insectsby the late Tom Eisner. Known worldwide as the father of Chemical Ecology, Eisner was also an accomplished nature photographer, pianist and a fellow Ithacan. Among many other accolades, this book leads fellow blogger The Dragonfly Lady’s list of insect appreciation books for the masses. Got time for a ~28 minute video worth watching? Here’s Tom Eisner telling fascinating stories in the 1995 BBC series “Seven Wonders of the World”

Limited edition prints of these and other Flower Sculpture Photographs by artist Alison Shull are available for purchase at her on-line gallery (click an image above to go directly to the portfolio page with option to “Add to Cart” for purchasing),  or send an order request via email.


  1. These are a hoot! Keep ’em coming Alison!
    I love them – they are beautiful!
    And I agree with Karen 🙂

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