See Life

First Point of View

See Life“, the newest piece my Light Laughter Portfolio

See Life, an original painting by Alison Shull

See Life from Different Points of View

A small screen image of a 30″ wide by 40″ high painting can’t possibly capture the full sense of the real painting.  “How to photograph a painting for display on a small screen?” is a challenge for all artists trying to share their work via the web. When I look at See Life (in real life, not on a screen) I see so many more pictures within the painting. (There’s probably an art term for this…tell me if you know it!) I’ve tried to capture a few of those for you in these photographs of “See Life” from different vantage points across the canvas:

View 1:

See Life - Detail 1 by Alison Shull

View 2:

See Life - Detail 2 by AlisonShull

View 3:

See Life- Detail 3 by Alison Shull

View 4:

See Life - Detail 4 by Alison Shull

View 5:

See Life - Detail 5 by Alison Shull

P.S. A side trip worth taking: Check out these stunning photos of different points of view of the Colosseum, as well as a beautiful set of same point of view, different camera settings images of the Colosseum, crafted by Geoff Billing at Geoff Shoots the World.

Alison Shull is an artist who likes to see life from different points of view.  You can see more of her artwork at her on-line gallery:, and read more of her art thoughts here at her ArtLightNow blog & at the Alison Shull Art Facebook Page & Twitter: @alisonshull. She’s starting to think about a Tumblr page – suggestions anyone?

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