A Blooming Desert

A walk in the blooming desert,
under  blue sky and shining moon
beauty all around,
even in cacti in ruin.

How much beauty?

Take a look…

Desert in Bloom by Alison Shull

Desert in Bloom by Alison Shull


Desert In Bloom by Alison Shull

Desert in Bloom by Alison Shull


I challenged myself to capture ready-to-publish photographs. Each of these snapshots are straight from a simple little point and shoot camera, no photo editing applied (other than simple cropping and grouping). The sky really is that blue, the flowers that bright, the boulders that bold, and the cholla cacti skeletons that holey. And the dry air really that perfumed with pollen (oh, wait, we don’t have digital scent files yet…use your imagination).

Can anyone guess the location?

Alison Shull is an artist who, after blogging about water and flowers & snow, went on a wonder filled walk in the desert. Her eyes & her camera kept her from walking too quickly. Sometime soon she’ll have more photography portfolios up for your viewing & purchasing pleasure at http://alisonshull.com.  Want to buy a print right now?  Email your request to info@alisonshull.com. Want to show your appreciation for this blog &/or those screen shots you snag? Keep ArtLightNow ad-free and kindly snag yourself a screenshot here.  Your donation is greatly appreciated and helps keep this blog ad-free and current.


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