Flowers Show: Spring & Snow, Part 2

March in Ithaca NY is prime flowers-n-snow time. As if trying to out do last week’s post, today’s weather variety show was:

morning snow,
followed by rain,
then sun,
and a second snow flurry for the finale.

Gave me cold fingers and cool pictures:

Crocuses in morning snow (upper left). Then came rain, sun, more snow. Same cluster in afternoon (lower left).

Snow Breathing

Snow Breathing, photography by Alison Shull

Face Full of Snow

Face Full of Snow photograph by Alison Shull

Face Plant

Flowers in Snow: Face Plant, photography by Alison Shull

Snow Shawl


Alison Shull is an artist who is thankful for variety in life and in weather. See her paintings and, coming soon, more of her photography at her on-line gallery . (OK, if you just can’t wait, send an email now now with your request for a print or set of cards).


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