Alison Shull Art at Fine Line Bistro 2013

Alison Shull Art at Fine Line Bistro 2013

Alison Shull Art at Fine Line Bistro

A Visual Aperitif for the Transition from Winter to Spring

Feb. 27 – Apr. 22, 2013
404 W. State Street, Ithaca, NY tel. 607-277-1077
Drinks and coffee bar open 5pm. Dining 5pm to 10pm.
Sunday brunch served April through September (from 10:30am).
Closed Tuesdays. Reservations recommended, walk-ins welcome.

Click on photo above for a larger – shareable – promo photolink…now’s the time to invite her/him/them out to dinner! (During dinner hours the mood is relaxed, the lights are softer & the art still looks good.)

About the Show:

To the patrons of Fine Line Bistro I offer a visual aperitif for the transition from Winter to Spring. Soak in these vibrant, colorful images as you indulge your palate and savor your meal.  Each image is, in part, a byproduct of my long ago, idyllic childhood – shapes, colors and textures that all those grey Ithaca skies left to my mind’s eye. I’ve translated the invisible to visible, and encourage each viewer to make your own interpretation as to what the image reveals to you.  Word puns tend to crop up in my titles, often as clues to what the image revealed to me.

The show includes some of my newest work as well as popular favorites. Four pieces from my Light Laughter series make their public debut: “Dreaming, Tangerine“, “Many Moons“, “Vital Signs‘ and “Morning Light“, along with the trio of “Space Dust -I, II, III“.  All the pieces on display are limited edition fine art prints on gallery wrapped canvas. Each image is of an original painting (acrylic on canvas) or a digital collage made from multiple original paintings. Sizes and pricing range from 12×15 inches ($190) up to 30×40 inches ($520). The show runs through Apr. 22. Enjoy while dining here often…or order take out and a print to hang in your own dining room.

About the Artist

Artist Alison Shull’s creative process centers on translating intangible abstractions to real, visual images. With a Ph.D. in Applied Physics and work in nanotechnology she developed an affinity for the intangible but real. Living in an assortment of Western and Eastern cultures brought her an appreciation for the art of translation.  All the while she admired art from afar, never considering the artistic process could be accessible to her.  Until one fateful day in late 2009 when a discarded easel offered her a ticket to artistic adventure and she took off on a transformational journey.  A native Ithacan, she loves being back in Ithaca, anticipating Spring.

View artwork, place orders, and learn more about her art adventures and inspirations at her on-line gallery:, or shop in person at Contemporary Trends in downtown Ithaca where her work is on display and for sale.

About Fine Line Bistro:

Fine Line Bistro

Take a peak at a Sample Menu. Weekly specials not on this sample menu are often posted at Facebook: Fine Line Bistro. If you haven’t dined at Fine Line Bistro recently, or ever, now’s your chance. Or if you were there just last week, go back… the food’s still delicious, the pomme frites are still the best this side of the Atlantic, chef Seth Gregory is still working his fiery magic, the waitstaff and bartender are all still smiling and…


Alison Shull Art at Fine Line Bistro

For a professional review of the Fine Line Bistro dining experience read (an excerpt included here:)

Closer to Fine Line Bistro – Ithaca Times : Dining

The restaurant is full of deconstructed and Modernist gastronomical experiments. Everything is made in house, from unique stocks to perfect pommes frites made from local ingredients. “Heaven sends us good meat but the devil sends cooks,” an aphorism by a theatrical contemporary of Samuel Johnson, is Fine Line’s tagline. Gregory’s food isn’t just delightfully devilish — it’s devilishly, and delightfully, erotic and sexy as well.

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TripAdvisor: Fineline Bistro, Ithaca – Restaurant Reviews – TripAdvisor
Yelp: Fine Line Bistro – Ithaca, NY.

Alison Shull is an artist hard at work composing a really good pun involving palettes and palates…suggestions?

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