Win Win

I love competitive sports. I love to play competitive sports. When I am exhibiting art and fundraising for a not-for-profit educational organization I do not feel like I am playing competitive sports. Yet these activities in the past week have brought forth winning results with feelings of sweet victory…and sweet synchronicity.

Many Moons Synchronicity

Winning Fundraiser

Last week the Alison Shull Art 2013 fundraiser for the “Cathy Waddington Memorial Fund – ESOL Program” launched with a hugely successful 3 day kickoff event. Many thanks to so many of you who purchased art so eagerly in a swell of support to honor Cathy through giving to this non-profit adult English education program at the International Learning Center- North Suburban YMCA in Woburn, MA. “Many Moons” will now hang on many walls for many years beaming Cathy’s love of her family, her compassion for her students and her passion for her work (and/or anything else that it stirs in you).

Thank you to all who shared, linked, called, commented –  keep spreading the word about this opportunity to buy art and support Cathy’s ESL Program: ManyMoonsPrintOrderInfo  . Throughout 2013 sales of limited edition fine art prints of “Many Moons” and “Many Moons” with collaged border will continue to support this program – as detailed in previous posts: 1/29/13 and 1/30/13. Direct donations to the program are always welcome as well: InMemoryofCathyWaddington_PledgeForm

OK, now you are wondering what’s the “synchronicity” bit?  Another win…read on in the next blog post…

This is the first time artist Alison Shull has published two blog posts in the same day…she’ll need to get back to her studio and into art mode to recover. Quick, read the next post…and then give yourself a moment to recover while browsing her on-line gallery

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