Prize Surprise

In a flash of synchronicity “Many Moons” has become an award winning work of art.  On Feb. 1, 2013 on-line gallery awarded “Many Moons” the fourth place prize in the “Other Media Category” of the 2013 All Women Art Competition. This competition received 909 entries from 26 countries and 36 states in the USA. “Many Moons” (with digitally collaged border) is now on exhibit at the gallery for the month of February 2013. Prize winning entry: Many Moons by Alison Shull

So, there you have it. The artwork named in honor of the late Cathy Waddington, who happened to be an award winning teacher, becomes an award winning work of art, during the launch of the art sale fundraiser, which honors the namesake of the artwork. If that doesn’t clearly contain all aspects required for a premium case of the philosophical concept of synchronicity – then I don’t know what does!

Many Moons Synchronicity

Sweet synchronicity. I am honored, humbled and grateful for the success to date of the fundraiser for Cathy’s program and this public recognition of the artwork whose name Cathy inspired. Buy a fine art print of “Many Moons” (ManyMoonsPrintOrderInfo) – can’t wait to find out what synchronicity it brings into your life!

More about the 2013 All Women Art competition:  “First Place Overall” in this competition for “new and emerging artists” went to Laura Warburton – “Bouquet”. In terms of art careers, mine is by far newer, while her’s, by all appearances on her website, has emerged substantially farther. Check out her work and the work of all the winning artists in the exhibition catalog (“Many Moons” with digital collage is on page 120 in the “Other Media” category).  Links to artists’ galleries are at the end of the catalog. Browse away…or watch the exhibit video: ALL WOMEN ART EXHIBITION 2013 – Part 1 – Overall, Special Merit, Photo.Mixed Media, Other Media.wmv  “Many Moons” is on display starting at 14:14.

Alison Shull is surprised and delighted to have this especially meaningful piece of art receive recognition from the LightSpaceTime Gallery judges.  This is the first and only art competition she has ever entered. It may or may not be the last.  Either way she’ll keep on creating and sharing art, including more digital collages of original paintings. View more of her work at her on-line gallery and receive updates about her art and inspirations: following this blog, “Like” facebook page: AlisonShull-Art, or follow on twitter @alisonshull.

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