Vital Signs

Introducing “Vitals Signs“, painting number 4 in my Light Laughter Series. The title fits in with the end of year tradition of pausing to take measure of what matters and to find a healthy direction (arrows included) for the coming new year.

Vital Signs original painting by Alison Shull

For me this image is a visual intermingling of the physical and the philosophical. I “see” pulsating, oscillating vital signals measured and graphically displayed by dispassionate hospital room equipment abstracted into the intangible, impassioned vitality of life itself.  Yeah -heavy idea, light painting.

A certain vital someone told me she doesn’t like this title.  She says I should have just named it “Sophie’s Favorite”. Gotta like that critique!

Limited edition prints of this painting and others by artist Alison Shull are available for purchase on fine art paper or gallery wrapped canvas in a select range of sizes at her on-line gallery Or skip the on-line order effort and go for personalized customer service – email your order inquiry to

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