Space Dust – I, II, III

Confetti from afar. End 2012 and begin 2013 with the beginning and end of it all…

Space Dust -I, II, III

Space Dust -I, II, III by Alison Shull

Introducing the start of a new portfolio at on-line gallery Collages-Paintings. Each of the images in this set of three is a digital collage of two or more original paintings. I painted four different acrylic on canvas paintings (original size 10″x8″) and then created these three digitally collaged combinations. Click on these titles for a closer view of each one: Space Dust-I, Space Dust-II, Space Dust-III. For sale as individual prints or as a set of three. Hang on a wall, or, shred & toss as confetti – your choice!

What do you think?  Do you like the digital collage concept or are you a single painting purist?

Artist Alison Shull wishes you a very Happy New Year 2013! If you’re reading this and it’s still 2012, quick, put down your digital device & celebrate!

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