Abundant Harvest

The “Still Imaginings” keep on comin’… hauling in the harvest theme. Above and below are pastel drawings I made one after the other.  By the second one I admit I let up on the active imagining and let the abstraction flow.  Do they look related to you? To me they are siblings – art siblings.  Get it?

Harvest Bowl

And if my last post with the blueberry-to-lemon transformation left you curious to see more digital color inversions, here they are:

"Harvest Row", Digital Color Inversion of pastel drawing by Alison Shull

Whoa, Holloween spooky.

Alison Shull is an artist who, starting last week, works on pastel drawings and digital color inversion when she isn’t painting pieces for her new abstract series, “Light Laughter“. Sign-up to follow her work here or on Twitter @ALISONSHULL.  Or skip all the chatter and view her artwork in her on-line gallery: ALISONSHULL.COM .

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