Fall Harvest

Harvested from my mind this Autumn. (Now that it is no longer Still Summer.)

Might be an apple…or a red pumpkin…wasn’t aiming for either…just started with roundish and reddish, and then the stem popped up.

Apple_Pastel drawing by Alison Shull

Sort of like a “Still Life” drawing, but until this came out onto the paper it only existed in my mind. Must be some formal art term for that… ’till I learn it, I’m going with “Still Imagination”.

Alison Shull is an artist who, starting last week, works on pastel drawings when she isn’t painting pieces for her new abstract series, “Light Laughter“. Sign-up to follow her work here or on Twitter @ALISONSHULL.  Or skip all the chatter and view her artwork in her on-line gallery: ALISONSHULL.COM .

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