Light Laughter

Light Laughter by Alison Shull, original painting 20"x16", acrylic on canvas

A new color palette. So far several people (myself included) think this would make a great shower curtain.  Any other ideas for how to incorporate into “functional” art?

What do you make of the title, “Light Laughter”? Took quite a while for that title to arrive. Almost went with (at a friend’s suggestion) “Tangerine Dream”.  That seemed to fit alright, but…well, just wasn’t where it came from. Anyway, here it is.

UPDATE: This painting is now titled “Dreaming, Tangerine” and is the first in a series titled “Light Laughter”.  


  1. Not that I’m much of a titler, but, I would have gone with “Dreaming, Tangerine”. I love the energy, tangerinely. Cheers

  2. That’s it! Jim today you have inspired positive change in the world…”Light Laughter” is now the series title…this painting is now officially “Dreaming, Tangerine”. Thanks for the inspiration!

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