Color Mixing Breakfast

Finally, the visual answer to the question you’ve all been asking that popped into my head the other day while making breakfast:

What’s the tinting strength of a blueberry?

Specifically, we’re talking about a blueberry that gets Vita-mixed in to a kale+almond milk+peach smoothie.

Yup, random topic.

But after the heavy topic in my previous post, today I give you delicious shades of greens, light and healthy

(and, um, evidence that I think about mixing paint even when I’m not mixing paint).

Tinting Strength of a Blueberry in a Peach+A;mond Milk+Kale Smoothie

Did you spot the not-yet-blended-in blueberry in the 4th image down?

Note, if trying this at home remember to hold on to your camera and use frozen fruit if, like me, you prefer your smoothie easily digestible with a cool, thick, creamy texture.

So, which color do you prefer: pre-blueberry or post-blueberry?

Color Mixing: Before and After Blueberry

Yes, I drank this for breakfast.


Alison Shull is an artist who, until today, has never blogged about her breakfast, let alone admitted to occasionally capturing it’s aesthetic allure on her iPhone. During the high stakes, daring production of these images the iPhone did not slip from her fingers into the blender. Not even once. But the thought of that sort of “plunk” got her thinking about a new topic for a future post… Curious? Sign-up to follow her here or on twitter @alisonshull.  Or skip all this chatter and view her artwork in her on-line gallery: .


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