Eye Find Balance

Sometimes when I look at a painting it can seem like it is looking back at me. Like this one:

When I painted “Eye Find Balance” it all flowed out in one session with time suspended. The dark purple spiral area was first. That’s still the first part to catch my eye whenever I look at this painting.

This is one of the more esoteric of the pieces in my Abstract Shapes portfolio. Some people have told me they find this one difficult to relate to, while others say they are strongly drawn to it. With the title I didn’t mean to imply you should actually see an eye here.  I usually don’t. The scientist in me sees a depiction of a metastable state. The photographer in me sees a peculiar egg perched percariously a top a pile of stone slabs on a blue sky day. But honestly, I usually don’t see anything in particular here.  I simply get some sense of life in the balance, whatever that may mean to me in the moment.

“Eye Find Balance” is a favorite of mine to do a standing Qigong meditation in front of when I’m indoors. In that way I could say it gives me physical and mental balance. How about you?

To those of you who’ve been asking, YES the large size limited edition prints of a selection of my original paintings are still on display at Contemporary Trends, including a 24″w x 32″ h gallery wrapped canvas print of “Eye Find Balance” in a custom black wood float frame.  Even if you missed the opening reception back on May 12, you still have the chance to stop by and take a leisurely look.


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