Inspiration from Ithaca Festival 2012

Many sources of artistic inspiration in Ithaca…last weekend was Ithaca Festival 2012!

Ithaca Festival is the premier music and arts festival of its kind in the region. Over 30,000 people come through the festival over the course of four days. For performers, artists, community groups, green businesses, and everything in between, this is the place to showcase talent or get the word out. It is a lively weekend full of entertainment, community information and delicious food. This is the event of the summer and you won’t want to miss it!

…and I didn’t miss it.  Check out these highlights of a few of the many entertaining and inspiring performances at the Ithaca Festival 2012 in Ithaca, NY USA.

(filmed with my iPhone in one hand and my delicious Fruits & Roots Juice in the other)

Thanks to all the performers in these clips: Zydeco Trail Riders, AcroYoga (Gina Newlin & Lisa Trent with Helena Cooper Art and Tandemonium Dance & Music), Burns & Kristy, Ernest VerB. The geese are performing at Stewart Park, which (for the first time in many years) was not one of the festival venues.

Did you go to Ithaca Festival 2012?  What’d you enjoy?


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