Maple (in the) Woods

Yesterday morning I went for a walk in the woods with my friend and her dog, Maple.

Spring, in the morning, in the woods, in Ithaca = BEAUTIFUL.

Maple Playing under the Maples (The lavender “mist” in the distance are wildflowers.)

Maple wasn’t the only creature in the woods.

Ready for Spring, Ready to Spring

…and around Ithaca, sooner or later a walk in the woods includes the sound and then sight of a waterfall.

All Falling in Place



  1. the steps of water flowing intrigues me alison. the stone covered with softest green moss and the softness of the white walking water reminds me our summers are beginning.

    1. Yeah, didn’t catch those on camera…and as the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”. Get Maple all prettied up for her next photo op, slap on the mosquito repellant, and let’s hit the trails again soon!

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